“It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into”

Jonathan Swift
"The Democrats have moved to the right, and the right has moved into a mental hospital." - Bill Maher
"The city is crowded my friends are away and I'm on my own
It's too hot to handle so I gotta get up and go

It's a cruel ... cruel summer"

Saturday, February 27, 2010

How Should I Vote?

I need some help. Should I vote in the republican primary (for the first time!) for Kay so that there might possibly be a Rick/Kay run-off, or should I vote for our DEMOCRATIC winner Bill White? I can't imagine "Republican" stamped on my registration!


Stay Classy, Republicans

Our nation was founded on Christian Principles Edition: (h/t Media Matters)

. . . . "Limbaugh previously told a caller who could not afford the $6,000 it would cost to treat a broken wrist that he "shouldn't have broken [his] wrist."

. . . "Beck mocks Slaughter's story: "I've read the Constitution ... I didn't see that you had a right to teeth."

. . . "On Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, radio host Laura Ingraham said she "liked the dueling sob stories, OK? One Democrat was trying to outdo the next on the sob story about how rotten our health care system is. Louise Slaughter won the Olympics of sob stories by saying one of her constituents had to wear her sister's dentures."

Click on MM's link to read more.

-Prodigal Son

Not a Frakkin' Hero

Vernon Hunter: HERO
Two Vietnam Tours
Killed Needlessly By Scumbag

Quick! Take a sec and google "amarillo globe news" and "vernon hunter". NADA

Google "amarillo globe news" and "Joe Stack" . . . 2 articles, plus MANY comments. Great F***ing job from the local "News" paper.

Been thinking about this for a while, so lets make it simple for our far right rethug readers here at PTS;

Joe Stack AKA "Austin IRS Plane Crasher Into Building" = Domestic terrorist/murderer

Simple, ain't it!

OOPS. . . . apparently NOT for Newsweek at least.

Look, Stack was a serial tax cheat. His suicide note, (NOT A MANIFESTO) is well written, and you can almost feel for the dude, but he did not file returns for years, he hung out with the equivalent of anti-tax teabagger zealots in the early 80's. At some point you gotta realize that the IRS has more stick than you have ass, and you pay up.

It helps no one when Congresscritters like Steve King (R, Religiously Insane, IA), sympathizes with domestic terrorists instead of praising Vernon Hunter.

How many of you righties have called in to Rush Rumproar, or written your local rag to denounce Domestic Terrorist Joe Stack? (Chiirrrp, Chiiirrp. . . ) instead of raising him to hero status?

Lastly, here is a thought: What is an acceptable number of Austinites to waterboard so's we can find out who Stack might have worked with?

-Prodigal Son

Anthony Weiner clarifies his position

Democrats aren't exactly enemies of The Establishment, but this is still awesome.

Anyone seen. . . .


-Prodigal Son

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh, the games the parties play...

Glenn Greenwald explains the problems with health care reform:

The Democratic Party's deceitful game

A less cerebral explanation is provided by The Daily Show:

Summit's Eve

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Health Care Explained

UPDATE: Woo Hoo for price collusion capitalism! Anthem is going to go ahead with that 39% rate hike for the Governators constituents. . . .
-Prodigal Son

OK . . . . America's thought process. . . .

If you can afford healthcare, and you've got it, it's a "Privilege"

If you do not have it, cannot afford it, been dropped because of recission, lost everything because of lack of it, it's a "Right".

Kind of sums it up neatly, huh?

FUN TOPIC! How many "Christians" think it's a "Privilege"? Show of hands, plz. . .

-Prodigal Son

I'm Just Saying . . .

Liberalator said it far better below, but in 2008 America voted to go down a different path. That path was a rejection of 8 years of getting every Republicans wet dreams enacted, tax cuts for the rich, unending wars, regulatory and public service as a JOKE "Heckuva job Brownie".

Every time I hear a rethug say JACK, I have a simple response, "Remember The Bush years, yeah that worked out GREAT!"

So. . . . . why should America give a RA* F*** what rethugs want after the electorate told them they wanted them in the minority?

Dems. . .face the hard job of enacting what we elected you to do. . .or enjoy looking for work in the CONTINUING Bush recession.

-Prodigal Son

Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm fed up wih Barak's bipartisan acquiescence to the Republicans, and the cowardliness of our spineless Democratic Congressmen. He said "Now, bipartisanship depends on a willingness among both Democrats and Republicans to put aside matters of party for the good of the country," and " I've also called for a bipartisan fiscal commission. Unfortunately this measure, which originally had received the support of a bipartisan majority of the Senate and was cosponsored by Senators Conrad and Gregg. Democrats and Republicans, was blocked there." Democrats have failed time after time to stand up to the minority party!

John Boehner said "The house can't pass the health care bill it once passed; the Senate can't pass the health care bill it once passed. Why would we have a conversation about legislation that can't pass?" and wants to start from scratch, as does Mitch McConnell, minority leader. Both have said they'll attend the HCR conference Thursday, but SO WHAT?

Paul Krugman says "The truth, which is obvious from every day's news, is that there is nothing, nothing at all,that Obama could offer - other than switching parties - that would get him any GOP cooperation," and Elliot Spitzer said Friday night "Fundamental reform doesn't come from bipartisanship. And it seems to me bipartisanship has become appeasement. Barak Obama won an election based on a set of principles. Fight for them."

Today Obama presented the White House proposal for the conference, and it did not include the Public Option. It is now time for reconciliation, and fifty-one votes for HCR.




Thursday, February 18, 2010

Globe-News misrepresents journalists

Rarely does Amarillo see the kind of journalism that Kevin Welch gave the community this past weekend.

Welch went into the field to investigate as best he could Victor Leal’s claimed Potter County residency in his quest for the District 87 seat in the Texas House of Representatives. From the moment Leal declared his candidacy, his recent move to the Belpree street address raised questions; and, while Leal has done nothing illegal, those questions have yet to be answered directly by the candidate.

Welch’s employer, the Amarillo Globe-News, published the piece in Saturday’s paper, one of the least-read days of the week. The disservice to Welch and his hard work and the disservice to the public are in keeping with the corporate-owned daily’s approach to existing for money instead of the community. After all, publishing a story that raises questions about an advertiser or potential advertiser doesn’t fit into the Augusta, Georgia-owned paper’s business plan.

Of course, the story, especially when ProNews 7’s Jay Ricci and Mitch Roberts pressed Leal on the residency issue, prompted Rep. David Swinford to defend Leal and bash Welch.

The Indy can understand Swinford’s ire. It wasn’t the usual puff piece pandering to his political career.

But the Globe-News ran a picture with the story with a caption describing those gathering around Leal as supporters. The heads of two of the people were not in the pictures, but Billy Loftin of ProNews 7 was easy to identify. The two others with their heads not in the frame were an intern with the Indy and the publisher, wearing his telltale yellow jacket. Therefore, three of the four people around Leal in the photo were journalists and it was totally inappropriate for the shrinking daily to characterize other journalists in any way.

Further, the publisher of the paper, Les Simpson, has not only failed to honor a request for a correction but has also not answered an e-mail emphasizing the need for accuracy.

That pretty much says it all for Simpson.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I am a Democrat, FU


Have not posted for a while, forgive me PTS'ers. . . and. . . anyone seen spacedark or liberalator???

My acquisition of an existing firm happened Jan 15th, and I have been busy. New software, new hardware, client transitional meetings, staff training,. . . exciting. 6 months later than I wanted. . .my finances resemble a crater in fallout3 . . .

I have also made a tough decision. . . Now that I am the boss, I made it clear to my employees that I am a Democrat, Liberal. I am also a capitalist pig, LOL

I did not want to hear any Obama slamming, liberal slamming, non-Christian slamming, etc.

In return I would do the same. We are Americans FIRST here.

If anyone had a problem, they could resign (GULP, I did need them). They actually seemed OK, surprised but OK. Like many conservative parts of the country, they were confused. . . how could a liberal be a successful biz owner? Weren't tax and spend hippies plotting with Mao at this very moment to take our money, give it to welfare queens and to give terrorists lawyers?? WTF??

LOL. . .also went to see the Color Blind movie with Sandra Bullock. Great flick, but Kathy Bates says at one point, " I have to tell you. . . I'm a Democrat".

OK. . . from now on I am an in your face FU liberal. Here is my response if it comes up, "If you want competent and trustworthy, we are your firm. End of story."

I have some thoughts about the last 12 months too, but Helen from the margaretandhelen blog says it better

-Prodigal Son

"To all my Republican readers out there – I have had quite enough of your nonsense.

Your party gave us Sarah Palin and George W. Bush – dumb and dumber. He’s the guy whose mission still isn’t accomplished and she’s the gal who couldn’t handle being governor of one of our least populous states. Even the “professional” wrestler was able to finish the job in Minnesota.

Your party had an issue with President Obama telling school children to stay in school and study hard. I guess a black man can’t be trusted with your children regardless of his credentials. And your party decided the tradition of separating church and state had an expiration date. You love the constitution but you seem to pick through that document the same way you pick through the Bible – with all the effectiveness of eating corn on the cob through a picket fence.

We are actively involved in two wars, but you just can’t understand why the deficit is so big? Regardless of what you have been told, every time a bomb is dropped, an angel does not get her wings. Hint: Defense spending represents almost one quarter of all federal spending.

Today’s Republican Party has an issue with abortion, but then fights against healthcare reform knowing full well that more than 9 million children lack health insurance. A stretch argument to be sure, but then again 18 19 Children and Counting is a big hit.

My party at least recognizes the need for increased access to birth control. Your party is pro-life right up until they cut the cord and then you turn your attention to electing judges who promote shortening the waiting time on death row.

And for Pete’s sake your party has an issue with gay people, but you gladly send your straight children to war while telling gays they cannot serve. This one, more than any other, has me scratching my head. Aren’ t you just delaying their eventual trip to Hell?

You actually have Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck as your spokesmen. Rush Limbaugh? Are you serious? Even the NFL didn’t want Limbaugh. And Beck… Glenn Beck? When people use the expression ”nuttier than a fruitcake” Glenn Beck is the main ingredient.

The Republican Party of yesteryear was respectable. You were all about a small government that carried a big stick. Now you are just despicable. You used to be the Party of Lincoln and now – honest to God – you make Archie Bunker look progressive.

If it wasn’t for Fox News you would be irrelevent. That’s right. You have become a party that owes its entire existence to a cable news channel owned by an Aussie. Your mascot should be a kangaroo instead of an elephant. After all, the last guy you sent to the White House arrived there thanks to a kangaroo court ruling rather than an election. He then spent the next 8 years bringing our nation to its knees. How about sitting down and shutting your damn pie holes long enough to see if the guy in office now can actually clean up your mess. Honestly, you are embarrassing yourself. "

Friday, February 05, 2010

City planners fail to plan for snowfall

Reminders of the severe snow storm that battered us last week remain six days later. It is understandable neighborhoods are still unplowed. But some of the arterials and other main streets are rutted and divided by a barrier of snow.
The storm dropped 10-12 inches over the two-day period, by our standards a major snowfall.
Local blogs and Facebook comment on how poorly the city has responded to the storm. The Amarillo Independent has heard reports of people being angry about the city’s performance.
So why, six days later and with another storm threatening, is the city in this situation?
City Public Works Director Michael Rice and his crews tried their best and kudos to those workers. Rice said Monday the city doesn’t have enough resources to handle this much snow despite calling in the entire crew and running 12-hour shifts through Friday.
How much of the heat should Rice and his crews take for this situation? None.
Most of the city’s response to questions focused on the lack of equipment. But the problem is a lack of of planning. Rice has never been to a conference on snow removal and he should have been. Declaring a snow emergency and other measures not related to equipment are available. Just ask Coloradans.
The Indy called City Manager Alan Taylor, who had Rice return the call. But the specific request was to talk to Taylor because he is where the buck stops on the city’s day-to-day operations. Taylor is responsible for leadership and vision.
A massive blizzard paralyzed Denver in 1982 and cost popular Mayor Bill McNichols the next election.
Amarillo’s form of government should not bear that heavily on Mayor Debra McCartt; but when Taylor is next evaluated, the commission should consider new blood is needed at the top.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Bad even for Amarillo

I understand that a city located in a highly temperate weather zone with a corporatist city leadership is going to have, at best, a minimal amount of resources available to deal with inclement winter weather. Having said that, the City's response to this storm was bad even by Amarillo standards. The roads around the schools this morning are absolutely appalling. Between the idiots who speed, stop in the middle of the road or run through stop signs and crosswalks, taking my kids to school feels like running a gauntlet even on the best of days. Today was unbelievable. Repeated thawing and freezing has turned the snow into boulders of ice that give way under the vehicle causing it to slide in unpredictable directions, a situation only made more hazardous by numerous, stranded vehicles of every type. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if some kid gets killed today.

I made several runs to and from the hospitals Thursday night through Friday night and those roads were in equally poor condition. Pity anyone who had to try to get there in a sedan.

Meteorlogists have called for a cold, wet winter this year, so there is a very good possibility we'll have another storm like this blow through before the season is over. Let's hope the City's strategy improves between now and then.