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Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Call To Arms

Still just a dream . . . (sigh)

On May 9th, my alma mater, is using my alumni dues, commuter students tuition, and general revenues to bring the above POS serial liar who is on the run from congress to give a speech, no doubt on how wonderful Shrub and he are, and BTW please send a check to the GWB library fund.

In a response to a letter from a PTS reader, written to him about Rove speaking at WTAMU, the President/CEO Pat O'Brien responded (reponse posted in full, BOLD Mine)

"Thank you for your comment. I really, seriously do appreciate people letting me know what they think.

I learned in my youth growing up in the deep South a principle that I cherish deeply today. In America, individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This principle is one of those foundational principles of a free society.

At WTAMU we strive to bring in speakers of all philosophies and political views. On April 8, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison will be on campus to speak; on April 25 Maya Angelou will speak; and on May 8 Karl Rove will speak. Senator Seliger was our commencement speaker in December.

We anticipate as varied a schedule of speakers next year. For instance, Mike Hucklebee is scheduled to speak on campus in March 2010.

I trust the education we have provided for our students will help them to discern for themselves whether Mr. Rove is to be respected or not. I want our students to know also that we value free speech at WT; that censorship is dangerous to a free society.



Boy, ya gotta love that forked tongue darting in and out. They strive to bring in speakers of all philosophies and political views, just as long as they are mostly Republican.

1.We need to find out who/how many liberal speakers will be at WTAMU in 2009?
2. We need to let the campus know what we think about Rove . . . with letters and emails, and protests.
3. Suggestions for how to proceed for hitting WTAMU hard on this, comments or email us.
4. How about the WTAMU/Amarillo College student democrats?

Here are some email addys:

J. Patrick O'Brien Pres/CEO WTAMU: pobrien@mail.wtamu.edu

Amarillo Globe Republican: letters@amarillo.com or Letters Editor, P.O. Box 2091, Amarillo, TX 79166

Becky Stogner: Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Fund, bstogner@mail.wtamu.edu or WTAMU Alumni Association, WTAMU Box 60753, Canyon, TX 79016.

Canyon News:

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