“It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into”

Jonathan Swift
"The Democrats have moved to the right, and the right has moved into a mental hospital." - Bill Maher
"The city is crowded my friends are away and I'm on my own
It's too hot to handle so I gotta get up and go

It's a cruel ... cruel summer"

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

AGN Headlie of the Day

Turns out both Prodigal Son and R. Spacedark were wrong about Barack Obama's beautiful and patriotic keynote speech at the Democratic convention.

Turns out Obama's just a big hater.

At least according to the Amarillo Globe-News which ran an AP story about the speech under the headline "Keynote speaker jabs at Bush." 

And, on this rare occasion, Panhandle Truth Squad acknowledges that the AGN is right, that they got something out of the speech that we missed.  Underneath the main headline, the AGN ran a sub-headline that states "Illinois state senator says Americans want a shot at life."

Okay, now we get it.  That was a subtle jab at Bush, because we all know Bush rightly thinks all Americans want a shot at death.  Thanks for clearing that up, AGN.

But what was up with running the most unflattering, lopsided photo of Obama you could find on the front page of the print edition?  Sheesh.