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Jonathan Swift
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Joe

George Schwarz
© The Amarillo Independent

In 2001, Kirsten Andrea Olson went to Cornerstone Outreach Center to ask for help with rent money. Five hours after visiting the center, she filed allegations with the Amarillo Police Department that Joe Kirkwood, now Precinct 3 Potter County commissioner and a self-styled pastor, asked her to reveal her breasts and genitals to check her for needle marks, according to a police report dated Sept. 5, 2001.

The Amarillo Police Department and the city’s attorney declined to take any further action. Olson has since married and is now Andrea Bradshaw. She spoke exclusively to the Independent and KVII Channel 7’s Chris Hegstrom, who collaborated on this story.

A copy of the APD report obtained by The Amarillo Independent was
determined by several sources to be legitimate and reflects a “she-said-he said” situation. The city of Amarillo did not provide the report, instead requesting that the Texas Attorney General determine if a complaint filed with a police department and the other material in the file are public records.

The Oct. 30 issue is being distributed and Channel 7 has run the story here: http://www.kvii.com/news/news_story.aspx?id=214296