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Jonathan Swift
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It's a cruel ... cruel summer"

Friday, September 07, 2007

Why Dav* H*nry is an Idiot: No. 1,847

Amarillo Globe-News, September 6, 2007

Opinions others won't give:* Tell me which is the religion of tolerance and which country practices freedom. An Arabic school opened in New York this week, one of many Muslim/Islam-focused schools in America. Try finding a similar school with a Christian background in countries such as Saudi Arabia or Iran. It is puzzling that countries and governments that kill, maim and torture citizens with different religious beliefs - and relegate women to secondary status - get a free pass on the world outrage scale.

First, Mr. H*nry, you compare a religion and a country, apples to oranges. There are also free Muslim countries and intolerant Christians.

Second, Mr. H*nry, it is an Arabic language school, not a Muslim school or madrassa as critics are making out.

Third, Mr. H*nry, as a public school the focus on a particular language is perfectly legitimate. It is not one of the “many Muslim/Islam-focused schools” which are private religious schools, also perfectly legitimate in this country.

Fourth, Mr. H*nry, it does not follow that Arabic is the Muslim language, as Christians, Jews and Druze speak it, while many Muslims do not, including Iranians and Pakistanis.

Fifth, Mr. H*nry, even though you maintain the fiction of an Arabic religious school by begging the question about finding similar schools with a “Christian background,” can they in fact be found in Iran or Saudi Arabia? The answer, Mr. H*nry, is yes.

Sixth, Mr. H*nry, you would notice that the countries that “kill, maim and torture citizens with different religious beliefs” aren’t getting a free pass if you didn’t have your head up your ass.

Seventh, Mr. H*nry, to be charitable you seem to have the IQ of a retarded gerbil. Beyond watering the potted plants and making Less Simpson look twice as smart as you, is there anything else in your job description?

*Opinions most are not stupid enough to have.