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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

in spellings / things have logic and line / in spellings / there’s a greater design

Education Secretary Margaret "Even Worse Than William Bennett" Spellings sent out a press release last week, in which she robotically used the occasion of Arts Advocacy Day to tout-- yes-- No Child Left Behind:

Statement by Education Secretary Margaret Spellings on Arts Advocacy Day

March 12, 2007

Contact: Rebecca Neale
(202) 401-1576

U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings today made the following statement on the celebration of 2007 Arts Advocacy Day:

I am pleased to join the many artists, administrators, arts educators, parents, and others in celebrating 2007 Arts Advocacy Day.

The No Child Left Behind Act recognizes the important role that arts have in our schools for a well-rounded education. [!!!] 1

The arts are a unique tool to stimulate and enrich learning. Not only do the arts encourage our children ' s imagination and creativity, but they can also teach lessons of history, math, and other subjects in a more memorable and profound way. The arts also, as President George W. Bush has said, "...allow us to explore new worlds and to view life from another perspective," a critically important skill for today ' s global economy.

Our education system is improving because of the concerns and involvement of so many who advocate for the arts. Leaders in states and local communities can and should ensure that the arts remain part of every student ' s education.
Grumplesnort fiddlewhack. Someone needs to tell Miss Spellings2 that Nickleby is the worst thing that has happened to arts education since Plato wrote his screed calling for poets and artists to be banished.


1My italics, boldface, and shocked exclamation points.
2Get it?