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Friday, April 01, 2005

Amarillo Gets National Press

UPDATE: It looks like these folks are using the corpse of Terry Sciavo to raise $$ and get established politically. "In recent months, Pavone has been focused on marshaling religious conservatives around Terri Schiavo, the brain-damaged Florida woman whose feeding tube was removed March 18. " Says it all right there. . .

Ya know, if Catholics want to get into politics that's fine by me, TAX 'EM'! Why should I have to pay taxes to the government while these guys sock away every dime tax free and then want to get involved in voter drives etc. using public resources. If I have to pay then so should they and so should everbody who wants to be involved in the political process.

If not, then stick to preaching.

-Prodigal Son

New Order of Catholic Priests Is Forming to Fight Abortions

By Scott Gold Times Staff Writer
AMARILLO, Texas — The Roman Catholic Church plans to establish its first religious society devoted exclusively to fighting euthanasia and abortion, church leaders said this week.

The male-only (emphasis mine) Missionaries of the Gospel of Life — founded by Father Frank A. Pavone, an outspoken opponent of abortion rights — will be housed in a vacant Catholic high school and dormitory on the grounds of the Diocese of Amarillo.

Its priests will be trained to conduct voter-registration drives, use the media to get out their antiabortion message and lobby lawmakers to restrict abortion rights.

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Veddy interesting . . . so what is this about. Click comments and let us know if any of you PTS'ers know whaddup.

Who funds them? Who is behind 'em? Which politician will be the first to kiss their a**?